A real first post

November 28, 2021

Finalmente lo he decidido, he empezado a escribir en mi blog, tanto tiempo procrastinando que lo habia olvidado, creo que soy malo escribiendo pero a quien le importa es mi blog ja!

Quiero contar mis aventuras por el mundo ya sea mis viajes, mis comidas, bebidas y salidas con amigos y en solitario.

english version [not the same as spanish tho].

I’m finally here, not sure why it took so long, maybe i’m just too lazy, something that most of my friends know about me, however i like to move often, like real often almost impulsively either moving in the place where i’m standing or moving from city to city.

In this blog i’d like to show what that is in my pictures, memories and maybe some videos.

Yes this is art that i don’t know the author but still looks great!

Uknown 1 Uknown 1 Uknown 2


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